Into the Hedge

Jonus and I seem to have wandered a bit afield, leaving Eyebrows behind. No matter, I’m sure he can catch up. Our excitement is justified, I swear: there is a real-live hedgemaze. I love this place! I feel alive in here, in the Dreaming. More alive than I’ve felt since before they caged us.
This maze is everything we’d hoped it would be, although the path is laid out for us, which takes away some of the fun. Stay on the silver, she said, and I plan to heed that advice. I saw what happens when you don’t. It’s too bad about Quincey, he seemed like an alright guy.
We found some fruit, but I don’t trust it. It smells of disinfectants and cleaners, so I warn Jonus against it too. I can tell the poor guy is hungry, so I slip him some of my emergency rations, which cheers him up. We wander about for a bit, and manage to find the Boggan again so we all venture forth when this weird dog comes tearing up from a side path. He’s got a little fishbowl on his head, and he keeps yammering about finding us. I didn’t realize we were hiding… Sure enough, soon after comes his owners, a goat boy and big man Blue. Dominic starts talking to them about something, but we’re more excited to see more of the maze so we leave him to it. The kid, says his name’s AJ, comes with us with his dog Bones, and pretty soon I notice the rest of the entourage is also tagging along. I guess it works out, they look like they could use a couple of Knight Errants. Heck, once we get done with this, we’ll be full-fledged Hedge Knights!
Whoa… this must be one of the main chambers. It’s full of strange plant sculptures, and thorns everywhere. I’m not sure how we’re going to get across without slicing ourselves on those razors, and I never liked it when Maurice would paint the bathrooms… Hmmm… maybe I can pull something off…


The_Ethereal_Maiden Blu3

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