A little spelunking

Malcolm's trials and tribulations in the Dreaming, part 1

Into the frying pan after getting the fire to wander off, huh? Jonus is looking a bit better after his nap, but not by much. I’ll try to remember to give him some of those sweets Cara slid my way. And this guy, this… boggan? A quiet sort, I’ll have to keep an eye on him. Seems more of a whisking rogue than a wandering knight, but that’s the way of things. Need all types to get past appearances.
His supposed path down didn’t help at all. Something in the water of the cave is blotting it out, like an old painting in the rain. Well, guess we’re back a step… that means talking to The Anthropomorphic Society of Spelunkers. I know in my gut that we’re related, but I feel like they must be from the batty side of the family that no one likes. Heh… I crack me up sometimes.
Geeze, who gave the little one a pack of pixie sticks? He’s worse than old Gregor when they switched his meds. Flapping around, yelling about stories. I’ll have to see if we can placate him, get them in our good graces so they’ll spill the beans about this tunneling business. And… now the elder is rambling. Loves the sound of his voice, that one does. Ooh, Dominic is calling him on it. This oughta be good. Or… he could just try to sweet talk him. Whatever, we’ve got a lead: we’ll find a branch. The roads aren’t just straight one-ways, they’ve got intersections! Or… barring that, we may be able to make our own.
So that’s a plan, I guess. Now, we just need to satisfy this kid’s unholy story lust…


The_Ethereal_Maiden Blu3

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