Finishing the Maze

One Is Silver, And The Other Gold

So the silver path that we were following started to fade out. Malcolm started getting frantic about it, and so we kept following what was left of the path and ended up in this room with creepy dolls in it. We smashed their faces and their eyes and stuff, and I covered up some of their eyes, and so we got into the next room. The silver path was gone, but there were little moon symbols, and we followed those. It led to a dead end, though, so I decided we should follow a gold path we’d seen instead.

We found out that it was based on the day/night cycle, and we went into this dark room where we had to turn on the light. There was a paper on OCD in there, and The Old Man and I started sorting the books because they were out of order. That got us through into the next room.

The next room that we ended up in was a dress closet with a bunch of yellow dresses in all different patterns. Since we were doing so much organizing, I decided to organize them alphabetically by pattern. I sort of felt like dancing, so I put on one of the dresses and danced, and the door opened. (It was the vertical striped one. I like that it makes me look taller.)

Then there was a courtyard with some stone benches, and a three-scale thing that was supposed to be “the products of achieving your dreams.” It was pretty obviously blood, sweat, and tears, and I told the group that, so the Klingon got to working out and The Old Man just sort of stared at a bowl trying to cry. I whispered encouragement to Malcolm and then I poked myself with the quill thing that the other Errant Knight had, and it burned really bad but it filled up the blood bowl, so I tried not to complain.

The Old Man couldn’t cry, though, at least not that much, so I helped out with that one as well. The Klingon got sweat for us, and then we found a house on the path. Malcolm didn’t like the house—he went sort of banana balls, and threw himself into the wall thing as we exited the maze, so I tried to help him out and calm him down with some magic stuff. He stopped panicking, but he was sort of resigned and thought we were going to die.

I hope we’re not going to die. I miss my mom.


The_Ethereal_Maiden livefromarkham

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