Progress Interrupted

What strange people I have found myself with. I wish that I could find my way without them, but that does not seem practical. They seem to know more of the environment than I – and they take to it far more naturally. Have I become so banal…? I expected, or hoped for, clear directions, or at least some sort of path which I could follow. But there is nothing that I see to follow except for the execrably named Anthropomorphic Society of Spelunkers. Each of their members has a quirk to rival my friends back home (is it ironic to call a homeless shelter home?). Leatherwick in particular seems to have valuable information, but getting him to share it is an exercise in frustration. Perhaps I shouldn’t have needled him the way I did. But if I can get him to tell more stories – stories that are actually useful – I can should be able to learn more about this place. In the meantime, I have to figure out how to “walk it right” to find my way deeper. Preferably with these people in tow, since this seems like a more primitive world, and I am no master of combat…


The_Ethereal_Maiden Vadskye

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