Worst of Happenings

The worst has happened, Trisha is gone. I have worked so hard to make sure I could be there and protect her and it was all for naught. I should have never listened to Ricardo, I knew that the wine was dangerous and that my true form would set her off. Thanks that I was not there to protect her and now she is gone, and in her place a simple book. Ricardo started this whole mess but I knew that he would be the best person to go to and try and fix it. As soon as I show up and tell he start saying how is some sort of glamour connected to the book. All of it just went over my head, especially when it come to magic, but Ricardo kept a calm head which is impressive when I get mad.

He seemed to think that guests that he was going to have that night were going to be able to help me. Yet all that showed up were a joker of a pooka and a quite reserved little eshu. Neither of which seemed to be one Ricardo wanted for my problem. All I know is that I will not rest until Trisha is back, no matter if it kills me.


The_Ethereal_Maiden Zenerith

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