A Dog, Not a Physician.


Bones is a majestic specimen of astrocanine. Bred from the finest lines of imaginary Border Collies, his coat is a pristine black of the cosmos touched with the white of the stars beyond. Always equipped with a hatched space helmet, Bone is prepared to boldly go where no man (or dog) has gone before.

His voice is that reminiscent of smooth jazz. Deep. Dark. Mysterious.


Since he was a mere pup, Bones has adventured with his starfleet companion AJ Logan. Whether watching old Star Trek reruns on television or wandering the martian wastes of the backyard, Bones has always had a paw forth to the great unknown. Though Bones is a dog with out of this world ambitions, he still takes time to enjoy the little things in life that make things truly worth living.

He likes fetch.

Perhaps the bolting retrieval of random objects does not always make sense. But Life and Fetch are seldom logical, and Bones pursues each with the fire of a thousand suns. No one fetches better than Bones.


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