Cara Mia

The Girl of Someone's Dreams


When you first glance at Caramia, it is like catching the first glimpse of new fallen snow on a bright winter’s day. The young woman is shock of white, save for the crimson freckles scattered across her skin and bubblegum pink eyes frames with long pale lashes. Her hair in long…often braided and twisted up in intricate patterns, spirals and knots. If one pauses a moment take her hand, her skin in soft and cool like a salamander in the shadows.

Garbed in flowing dresses and delicate patterns, Caramia flits across the face of dreams, a little shy and sad of eye…


Caramia’s a classic in many ways, enjoying simple pleasures of afternoon tea and the company of another. When she’s seen, she’s rarely seen for long…slipping through cracks of waking with a sad wave of farewell.

Cara Mia

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