Eugene Elroy

More Cultured than You'd Think


Eugene is a bean pole of a man, standing awkwardly at around 6’3 with knobby knees and a sandpaper face. His eyes squint out from beneath a dirty old truckers cap, and where ever he sits down, a chunky pile of dried up mud seems to take residence near his boots. Despite his blue collar, working man appearance, Eugene is often found in Denton hotspots, chatting people up and meeting all sorts of folks.


Eugene can frequently be found at his favorite restaurant, Carpe Cibus, where he swears by the chef’s special.

“I like myself some all American Cui-zine, know. ‘Specially the stuff here. The stew reminds me of the stuff my Gram used to make when we were younguns’…but you bet you’re wastin’ your life if you don’t go out and get a lil’ adventurous once in awhile! Whatever that chef is doin’ back there…lemme tell you. The guy is the Leoh-nardo Deevinchee of food. Enlighten yo’self!”

Eugene Elroy

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