Isaiah Stark


Isaiah a humble and quite type, never looking to be the center of attention and often try to hide away from that as much as possible. Which for someone with such a massive and impressive physique can be quite a challenge. Wearing his his long black hair in dreadlocks in order to maintain a wild appearance that betrays his actual nature. He has one trait that truly sets him apart, his beastly eyes bright yellow in color and unsettling for those who do not know the truth that they represent. Often reserve in all of his actions, when he is riled up (which happens rarely) be cautious if you are in his way.

Isaiah’s attire tends to be focused around what is functional for his position as a bouncer at the Spice Rack. Well kept jeans or dark pants with single color shirts of various styles and tones. Always popular and ever near by is a leather jacket regardless of the weather or conditions.


Raised in a family of immigrants Isaiah was always a bit different and reserved even before his chrysalis. What he always had was his brother with whom he was the best of friends, but even those times would come to an end when his brother went off to Israel. While he was gone Isaiah took to learning martial arts from his Mother and progressed well before and after his transformation. Then he learned that his Brother died in combat and his will and desire to stay with his family was lost. He left to try and find himself without any real plan to speak of, only that he needed to be alone.

After his first night in the city he found Trisha and he instantly lost himself in all that she was. They became inseparable and he vowed to protect here whenever he can in order make sure that he will not lose her.

His current occupation is as the bouncer of a local Burlesque where he happily serves the Matron in exchange for a place to live. He uses his training and natural ability to protect the club and Trisha, who works there until she reaches her next step.

Isaiah Stark

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