Janet Logan

Missing Matron Mother


Janet Logan is a woman of moderate height, weight, and nature, with frizzy black hair and pale blue eyes. Slow to anger and quick to forgive, she is patient and kind more often than not. She works part-time at The Denton Public Library where she reads to the kids and other activities when she’s not shelving or helping someone to check out. Though she is caring, supportive and friendly, she rarely if ever talks about her own needs, allowing them instead to bottle up and boil over under extreme stress, and this occasionally leads to conflicts with her husband, Alexander. Despite this, she lead a relatively happy life with her husband and son, AJ.


Unfortunately, good things cannot last forever. Recently, Janet has been touched with bouts of memory loss, causing her to intentionally misplace items frequently and making her much more irritable than usual. After a time, she disappeared like many others in Denton, and as such, her son has gone on a quest to find her.

Janet Logan

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