Kristal Glace

Matron Mistress of the Night- Hostress with the Mostest


At first glance, Kristal Glace is the kind of woman who looks like she fell out of an old Bettie Page pinup. A busty woman, with curves in all the right places and perfectly styled raven hair- Kristal would be the first to tell you she’s older than she looks. Exactly HOW old that is is anyone’s guess. Styled like a starlet, signature mole and all, Kristal always appears with cherry red lips, classic black stilettos and hosiery with a line up the back.

Every gesture is fluid. Every smile delivered in perfect time. Kristal is a master of her craft, and certainly knows how to make a lady feel welcome.


Proud Matron of The Spice Rack Burlesque, Kristal put everything into her club. She only hires the best, and she won’t tolerate anyone touching her girls. She’s been in the business countless years, starting on the stage herself at the start of her career. Now, Kristal manages and grooms the next generation of show girls to charm the pockets off the depressed, lusty gentlemen of the world.

Kristal Glace

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