Malcolm Steiner

Troublingly effective pooka


The first thing most people notice about Malcolm is his pale, dry skin. It has a bit of an unhealthy yellowish tint to it, and has a tendency to flake off. Malcolm wears his mousy brown hair cut short, to hide the fact that it’s already beginning to thin. Beneath that, his dark grey eyes peer out, always curious and usually sporting dark circles. He tends to look a bit furtive, not helped by his poor, slouching posture and dislike of looking directly at people.

Malcolm usually sports dirty jeans and a worn, frayed tee shirt. Sometimes he throws a jacket over them, when he can find one, as he seems to get cold pretty easily.


Malcolm has always been a bit touched, which caused his country club-faring parents no end of embarrassment. After buying a replacement model, in the form of his younger brother Tad, they saw fit to discard Malcolm, sending him off to a high-security facility for the Enlightened and Gifted. Unfortunately for them, it was exactly as he had planned. After meeting up with a kindred spirit, his boon companion: a boy named Jonus, he escaped to make his own way in the world. They spent some time in the slammer, cuz they are hardened badasses, but decided it wasn’t really for them and headed out. Together, they cannot be stopped!

Malcolm has been noted by many, far and wide, to have “crazy mad pooka skilz,” which serve him well in his encounters. Watch out, evil, a new badass is in town!

Malcolm Steiner

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