Ricardo Soplon

A Good Old-Fashioned Boggan Barkeep


To most patrons, Ricardo is a broad, though short man with wicker fedora. His hands are thick and rough with hairy knuckles, and they always seem busy with some little task. A bushy mustache nestles beneath his rather large nose, and he’s almost always chuckling about something.

More select customers can see two sets of bushy eyebrows upon his face…always waggling at some joke. His voice is often booming, yet his whispers are melodic and enchanting. He is, indeed, a social creature.


Ricardo started up The Drunken Lout on his own several years ago. After a lot of hardwork, penny pinching, and cleaning up, Ricardo has finally achieved his dream of having his own bar and he loves the place like it was his own child. Ricardo sees the Lout as his settling place, and is perfectly content to serve his patrons (both mortal and fey) for not only the standard fee, but trade ins as well. He has an interest in random little knickknacks, especially those infused with sentiment.

Ricardo Soplon

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