Richard Murphy

A Jolly Old Storyteller


Rich is a large, portly man with a great white beard, streaked with a bolt of black. His hazel eyes glisten with energy behind an old pair of coke bottle glasses, and a plaid paupers cap hides a balding scalp. His thumbs are often looped in a pair of worn suspenders, holding up jeans patched at the knees with old bandanas.

He speaks with a whistle, most likely due to his two missing front teeth, and if you peek real carefully, you can catch a glimpse of a busty sailor girl peeking out under his sleeve in faded green ink.


Richard is extremely cheerful, and any Eshu would tell you that he tells some pretty fantastic stories for a mortal man. He spends most of his time busying himself at the The Arc Homeless Shelter, helping half blind men trim their beards for job interviews, teaching high school drop outs the difference between ‘there’,‘their’, and ’they’re’, and generally promoting good cheer.

On special occasions, one might find him outside with a tobacco pipe, trying to look at the stars through the city lights.

Richard Murphy

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