Sandra Rickett

Photographer of the Fleeting


Sandra is a lithe woman that gives an air of a black and white film star brought to color and sent into Ragstock for a fitting. She wears her hair in a short blonde bob, usually covered by a black knitted beanie, and favors an odd assortment of clothing somehow mismatched to perfection. Large rings that look like the ones you ‘borrowed’ from your grandmother to play dress up. Worn combat boots laced in pink ribbon. A denim jacket covered in more random nonsense buttons than you’ll probably ever have time to read.

Despite her wardrobe quirks, Sandra is popular with tourists and townies alike in The City of Denton and can often be found amidst the nightlife of the city, carrying with her an old vintage camera of some sort; Polaroids, tripods, late Victorian contraptions that no one is sure HOW they work…the objects seem to fascinate and amaze, and Sandra seems delighted with capturing the cities unique faces.


-An Excerpt from the Meetings with Strangers Photography Exhibit brochure

“Rickett’s work is an exploration of the fleeting nature of every day human interaction, and every image becomes an artifact for future generations. The timeless nature of black and white, blended with classic methods of image capture add to this aesthetic both literally and intellectually.”

Sandra Rickett

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