Reformed Gang Member


In her mortal shell, “Candice” is a young woman with olive skin, strong jaw, and piercing ice blue eyes. Her large leather jacket is often covered with traces of snow white flour, and her sneakers seem to be older than she is.

But- to those with a sharp eye and a sense of wonder, Skuld is seven feet of toned muscle and cobalt skin. Her hair cascades in ebony waves, held back by two rigid horns and when she smiles, her teeth point like a wolf that’s heard a clever joke. You can see every breath the leaves her lungs…like every day in the dead of winter. Her leather armor is a labyrinth of Celtic knots and frequently, she holds a large claymore in hand.


As a teenager, Candice used to run with the Stakes, a small gang in The City of Denton. Between countless drug runs, gang fights, and petty thefts…Candice soon began to realize she was not like the other kids.

No- not because of her overly rebellious nature.

Apparently, normal teenagers don’t see monsters in the shadows,or the snake like slits in a drug dealer’s eyes.

One fateful evening with the gang earned Candice a ticket to juvenile hall and later, a temporary residence living on the street . Since then (with the help of a friendly Boggan)Candice is now back on her feet and working at local bakery, where she is apparently very good at pounding dough. She volunteers as a youth advocate when she can at The Arc Homeless Shelter


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