The Eternal Beloved

A Lover's Discarded Screenplay


Archivist’s Notes

Reports suggest the book has been used as a temporary portal to the dreaming…with enough emotional vibrancy and a resonant amount of glamour…the possibilities are worth exploration

  • The book itself is written as a screenplay…it appears that multiple parts can be “played” into order to trigger the cantrips woven within the pages…
  • Hypothetically, coordinates may directly correspond to particular parts of the screen play. Pages? Acts? Scenes? More research needed.
  • The book never seems to travel with it’s user, much like a gate…

The Eternal Beloved appears as a hardcover book with a blue binding and gold title in cursive script. It’s pages read like what looks to be a screen play, with various roles, monologues, and stage directions.

A brief skim through the pages shows the main title roles of “The Little Queen” and “Beloved”, a prince like character. At the start of the story, Beloved whisks The Little Queen away from an oppressive and impoverished city and leads her instead to a land of dreams…

The Eternal Beloved

Beloved The_Ethereal_Maiden The_Ethereal_Maiden