The Topiaries

So we were wandering through this hedge maze when we happened upon this big topiary room. It’s got spikes coming out of everywhere, and there’s almost no way for anyone to cross, at least not without getting cut up a whole bunch.

Anyone normal, anyway.

One of the knight kids popped outside for a second, said he had to do something, so I went back in and had no problem crossing the maze and avoiding spikes like a boss. I wasn’t really sure how to get anyone else across, though. The other knight boy was crawling across the bottom, and seemed to be doing okay. And I saw a gecko on the floor! Then the first kid who stepped out was on the other side. Said he’d been looking for a bathroom. I like him. He seems pretty neat. I considered going out further into the hedge, but we weren’t sure how everyone else was doing.

Turns out the old man (I might start calling him Tom now as an acronym for The Old Man) was stuck in the maze and had some pretty gruesome wounds. I helped him out and he seemed to be doing… okay… Bones came through after that, and Klingon made it through alright, too. We started to split up to take a couple of different paths out… I’m not sure how well that’s going to go.

It’ll be okay, though, as long as I’ve got Bones with me. We’re going to find my mom, no matter what it takes. And I hope we can find Klingon’s lady, too.


The_Ethereal_Maiden livefromarkham

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