A Maze Full of Issues

or Boys will be Boys

Even after we have moved past that first room through the danger and pain of the hedges there seems to be more confusion that awaits this ragtag band. This maze seems to live up to its name with plenty of twist and turns to cause anyone to regret their decision to enter. If it was simply a maze than our troubles would not be too bad but unfortunately we have three boys who seem to want to go on an adventure in a fairy tale land than actually realize where we are in this fae realm. I told AJ I would do my best to project him and find his mother but it would seem his new friends may cause us to end up incapacitated, or worse, before we have the chance.

The two do however seem to know there way around the maze and seem intent on following a silver path. We’ve had the pleasure of this path taking us through all manner of puzzles and traps that test our mind and body.

To begin there was a simple teeter-totter puzzle that held the group for a while and resulted in the boggin, Dominic, to become injured to a point of immobility. Even with the help of the AJ our new traveling companion ended up for the worst. Eventually, we were able to bypass the enormous child’s toy we continued on into the maze, following the silver path and the two young “knights” who seemed to know the way. As we contiued we found what could only be described as a study and found what the tricks of this maze actually holds for us.

The room was simple enough a fireplace with a few posh chairs and an end-table stacked with a few books. The books in question were old and seemed to share a theme that was beyond me. But one of the ‘knights’ seemed intent upon the burning the books saying it was the only way in order to open the door. While AJ and I were against such a seemingly foolish action the two other boys were adamant to the point of threatening AJ when he stole the match. They then proceeded to set the contents of the room on fire much to the pleasure of the more, volatile, of the two. The amount I am willing to trust these two lessen by the hour but luckily they still seem to be leading us… or at least letting us follow.

After nearly getting burned in our escape the group proceeded to but not before I learned not everyone is on board with the gallant leaders. After another room where we the simply lined some pencils for… some benefit I’m sure we came to another physical challenge.

The young AJ tried to travese what looked like shallow water but was grabbed by something under the surface. After escaped the grasping thing I decided to find out the way I know would work. With my strength. What I found was just a long tentacle that I was more than a match for on strength alone.

Now all I need to do is get past this and I’m on step closer to finding Trisha…


The_Ethereal_Maiden Zenerith

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