Once upon a time

There was a dream...

In the beginning, there was one. And soon after, many more. More than you could count or care to remember. But this is not the beginning of the story, and the story is not one.

It is several stories, tied together by circumstance and fate…if you beleive in such things. Heroes, or villains, or perhaps a combination of the two. Such has not yet been determined.

The first was a young man on the run, chasing the coat tails of dreams past dreamt, hoping to find something lost and locked away. Plagued with the shadows of past prisons, he hurried down the path with boon champion in tow, ready to valiantly (or so I’m told) brave the horrors of forgotten places.

The second was a man of many days, a vagabond and vagrant to some, and a mentor to others. Without home or haven he took to the path, to find a land of legends, lost to the fleeting and fickle minds of the fey. A quest long sought after, and perhaps a final hurrah, ready to lead the people, should he find what he seeks.

The third was young, and tired in many ways, with feet ready for the travel. If only she knew where to go. The recent days had been trying and tumultuous. Connections severed. Opportunities tearing at the seams. Could she find her place in the wide world, and regain connections lost beside the waves? The future was unknown.

The fourth was a man of noble breed, though of questionable company. A statue of sorts. A gargoyle on guard at the gates. But a clever thief of make and mind can sometimes find other ways of stealing what one holds dear, leaving only dark foreboding behind. Stricken with past promises, he begins his quest to the end.

The final man was of a monstrous make, though with a different sort of hunger than one might expect. Trapped within the banal bonds of modernity, the unconscious fey mind finds a means of a escape…chasing after other stories of other lives…past and present.

It is here where the story began its end, and the hands of adventurers with no idea what victories and horrors were to pass in the coming days…


The_Ethereal_Maiden The_Ethereal_Maiden

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