Dr. Josephine Caligiri

Stern Director of the Asylum


Director Caligiri is a tall and thin, and shaped a bit like an old lamp post, if it had a shriveled apple of a face on top, emitting constant disapproval. She wears starched white lab coats and impossibly pointy boots that give a tell tale click when she walks the halls of Saint Claire’s Residential Care Hospice. Her nose hooks, and she has watery grey eyes and thinning hair that she combs over.


Director Caligiri has been at Saint Claire’s since it’s opening in 1964. Renowned in the psychiatric community for her work with patients suffering from various psychosis, Caligiri has a special eye for problem cases and take her work extremely seriously. She and her late husband, Gerald Caligiri, founded Saint Claire’s as a place of both science and rehabilitation. Some say that Caligiri’s methods can be somewhat archaic, to which she would quickly retort her various licenses, honors, work experiences and a very large itemized, alphabetized, categorized filing room of past patients.

She does not believe in coddling, and though she mostly focuses on management of her facility these days, she still frequently takes a hands on approach to the residents.

Dr. Josephine Caligiri

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