Lupo, Spindle, and Izzy

A Motley of Assorted "Characters" from the Coast


Lupo is a young man of about 20 or so, with a face full of stubble, a head full of messy brown hair peppered with grey. His furry ears twitch as he laughs, matching the swish of his silver tail. A chest full of hair peeking out from a flannel shirt that refuses to be buttoned, even on the most serious of occasions. He can often be found barefoot with a pair of hiking boots thrown over his shoulder, howling occasionally at the moon.

Spindle, in comparison, is thin as a dusty old coat rack with long trailing fingers. She appears to be in her late teens, with long, inky black hair covering half of her head while the other shows the peach fuzz of being recently shaved. Her eyes are like two dark hollows, and her legs are covered in a tangle of spider webbed stockings.

Izadora, known as Izzy for short, is a bit of a shock on the eyes. She’s a tall woman, with platinum blonde hair pulled tightly into a long ponytail, and an odd painted face like the opera; bright red lips and deep crimson spirals on her cheeks. It is said a thousand men’s dirty fantasies hide beneath in black vinyl coat, and her heels look more like torture devices than footwear.


Lupo has a flair for the dramatic, though he often fails to take things TOO seriously, and derives a deep enjoyment in riling up his companions- especially Izzy. He has a fascination with mortal women and is a bit of a gadfly.

Spindle is not as boisterous as Lupo. In fact, she rarely speaks at all.

Izadora is, but far, the most opinionated of the bunch. Chock full of sassy wit and sarcasm, Izzy never fails to speak her mind, or “discipline” an unruly companion.

Together, this merry band bums around the city of Denton, causing problems and being sort of rebellious.

Lupo, Spindle, and Izzy

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