One Man Band (and unofficial life coach)


At first glance, Quincey recalls something out of Mary Poppins. A large bass drum is strapped to his back, cymbals to his knees, a harmonica around his neck and a button box concertina in his hands. Though eccentric in his accessories, he’s dapper in his manner, with a winning smile as handsome chocolate curls for the ladies. He’s never seen without a worn old marching band coat of blue and red.

To the more observant eye, it is easy to see clove hooves beneath Quincey’s trousers, and pointed horns peeking out of his hair.


Quincey enjoys long afternoons in the park enchanting humans in public spaces. He considers himself a vagabond muse…and a jack of all trades. He’s been known not ONLY to play music, but rumor has it he dabbles in chalk drawings, topiary, petty vandalism, and bubble sculpting.


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