Trisha McCaffrey

A Young Upstart Actress


Trisha McCaffery is the type of girl that’s just quirky enough blossom to be noticed…but plain enough to get lost in the bouquet. Trisha has classical curves and auburn hair that curls around her cheeks. A merry band of freckles skip across her nose, peeking out in the few places her foundation failed to cover. Her eyes recall a grey rainy day…and the scent of sweet peas seems to follow where ever she goes.


Trisha went to college for a degree in theater, and has been trying to get her foot in the door of show business ever since. Unfortunately, things haven’t been panning out as she hoped. Despite the constant auditions to community theater and independent films, Trisha has yet to land a solid role yet. This is extremely discouraging, and because of this she can often be found in a bipolar loop of optimism and regret fueled by a constantly desire for her dreams to finally receive validation.

Currently, she’s working with her boyfriend Isaiah at the Spice Rack Burlesque. She assists the entertainers with wardrobe and makeup as the resident ‘Mistress of the Backstage!’

Trisha McCaffrey

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