Always Room for One More


Archivist’s Notes

A seemingly endless container…

  • Studies conclude that, should the object fit within the expanse of a particular pocket, they may enter the ‘void’ of the bag
  • Objects above 2 pounds seem to be too tangible of the bag’s void. The infinite effects seem to be nulled…

AJ Logan has lovingly named his messenger bag after the many nooks and crannies lovingly sewn across, in, and around this eccentric looking bag. No matter how many odd little trickets and baubles he seems to stuff in, there always seems to be room for a smidge more.

As expected from a special gift from mother to child, AJ takes very good care of the bag his mother Janet Logan gave to him on a family trip. The bag is the ideal carrying case for papers, pencils, crayons, pebbles, sticks of gum, candy wrappers, paper cranes, baseball cards, toothbrushes, pocket changes, pretty leaves, four leaf clovers, toothpicks, tissues, chapstick, paperclips, rubber bands, seashells, lost girl’s barrettes, and pretty tissue papers, and post it notes.


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