Back to Hell

An Enticing Trap

We’re back… back in Hell. Even the walls exude a sulfurous visage, trying to hide the dark inner demons. It all just spirals in, and there is no real escape. Any hope of an escape is just a dream, and this is the land of Dreams. But not all dreams are sweet.

The entrance to our Purgatory remains unchanged. Although this place looks more like the half-assed pamphlets try to make it sound than reality. I hope we don’t run into the normal demons. I don’t think Johnson would be exactly happy to see us.

Everything swirls together, the details are wrong but the scaffolding is familiar. The others don’t see it, they can’t know, but they will learn. It will eat them up as it does all others and we will be lucky to leave with any part of ourselves truly intact. We’re trapped, and they call themselves lucky that we’re out of the rain. The teeth of the trap are closing, and soon we won’t be able to run.

The big guy wandered about for a bit, then offered to carry us to the dining hall. Food isn’t what we’ll find, even if it looks like it. Everything in this place is poison. Isaiah and AJ want to try to find some food anyways, so we’ll see how long it is until they start to freak out. This place is insidious, gets in your head…

Two minutes. At least they don’t think we’re crazy anymore. At least, I don’t think so. AJ seems to be starting to understand the dank underbelly that lurks beneath the shining veneer of the prison. They’ll all understand soon enough, once the shades of the monsters start coming out. Dominic and Isaiah leave to try the front door, but I know they will be back soon. There’s no way out, it just spirals in over and over again. This is no good, they don’t understand yet. Jonus is absolutely ragged, I’ll have to watch over him while he rests so nothing tries to steal his thoughts. It sounds like the group is still going at it though. They’ll learn they’ve already failed though. They must, they have. I just need to stay awake, for all our sakes…. don’t fall asleep…


The_Ethereal_Maiden Blu3

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