Advanced Casting

Weaving Glamour for cantrips, while simple in some cases, can become extremely complex when preforming more advanced spell weaving. While some Changelings have an off the cuff talent for understanding the essence of glamour, additional studies are sometimes necessary for those who wish to be more involved in their craft. The following sections are dedicated to such studies

MODIFIER REALMS: Adding Scene and Time to Cantrips

Modifier Realms are named for their ability to modify cantrips with either a time delay or an area of effect. These can be extremely useful when creating a time bomb cantrip trap or effecting a room.

  • Spend an additional point of glamour to add a modifier
  • Increase the casting difficulty by one
  • When using scene, +1 difficulty for each additional target

SECONDARY REALMS: Multi-realm Cantrips

You can use multiple realms while casting a cantrip.

  • Decide which realm is primary, based on the cantrip
  • For each additional realm, difficulty is decreased by one
  • You must have the appropriate level in realm to use an additional realm

COUNTERING CANTRIPS: Two Methods of Resistance

Calling on Banality
A changeling can resist a cantrip cast on his/herself by calling on their own banality.

  • Gain a point of temporary point of banality to resist
  • Roll your banality rating vs. your opponent’s glamour rating
  • Every Success reduces the caster’s success by one
  • If the caster’s successes reach zero, the cantrip fails

Changeling skilled in the study of Gremayre can unweave a cantrip while it’s being cast.

  • You must possess the correct realms and realm levels of the cantrip being cast
  • You may use Perception+Kenning to determine the realms (standard difficulty)
  • You may use Perception+Kenning to determine the art (diff 8)
  • Spend a temporary point of glamour
  • Roll Wits+Gremayre vs. Caster’s Glamour Rating
  • In order to unweave the spell, you must roll equal to, or more successes than the caster
  • Counterweaving takes a full action in combat scenarios

NIGHTMARES: Trading Banality for Impending Terror
Any time you are about to gain temporary banality, you may choose to take a Nightmare Die instead. These dice form your Nightmare Pool, which are placed in your dice pool when you cast an cantrip.

  • When you cast a cantrip and cave nightmare die, your nightmare dice substitute and equal number of dice from your dice pool.
    Ex. If my dice pool is 5 and I have 2 Nightmare Dice in my Nightmare Pool, I will roll my cantrip with 3 normal dice and 2 Nightmare Dice
  • Nightmare Dice never exceed your dice pool
    Ex. If my dice pool is 5 and I have 6 Nightmare Dice in my Nightmare Pool, I will roll my cantrip with 5 Nightmare Dice.
  • Anytime a 1 is rolled on a Nightmare Die, you suffer the effects of a Nightmare. The more Nightmare *1*s you roll, the worse the nightmare.
  • Once a Nightmare Die rolls a one, it is removed from the Nightmare Pool. This is the only way to remove Nightmare Dice.
  • if your Nightmare Pool is ever more than 10, you trade the dice for a permanent point of banality

PRO TIP: Keep track of your Nightmare Dice on your character sheet so you don’t forget!
PRO TIP: You should be about to tell your Nightmare Dice and Regular dice apart. Try using different colored dice.

Advanced Casting

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