Considered by far to be the most humane method of collecting glamour from a mortal, reverie is a popular epiphany in the Seelie court. By this method, the changeling works as a muse for a mortal, gently coaxing creativity andinspiring them to create. This is by no means a speedy process; and it takes a changeling time to get to know the artist or subject. How else could they inspire them?

Reverie is attained by being exposed to the final product of a dreamer’s work whether it is clearly physical (such as a painting) or fleeting (a kiss from two lovers). The glamour is never limitless, and over time the impact of a more tangible object fades. This is one of the many reasons why changelings choose specific dreamers to slowly inspire over and over again.


  1. When choosing the path of reverie, choose a goal to fulfill your “Musing Threshold”. What do you hope to accomplish for your subject?
  2. Figure out what inspires your dreamer! Perception+Kenning (diff 8) can determine how long it can take to familiarize yourself with them.
  3. Once you’ve learned about your dreamer, inspire them! Successes determine how much glamour you collect from your efforts! (Manipulation+Empathy)
  4. Remember! Inspiration can take a lot out a dreamer! If your subject seems to be in a rut, it may take some time before their mental prepared to be inspired again!

Types of Musing
Examples Include:

  • Inspiring Creativity
  • Creating Hope
  • Creating Love
  • Creating Calm
  • Fostering Trust
  • Helping Those in Need
  • Foster Dreams


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