The Maze of Compulsions

The maze stands, silent and somber, under the dark trees deep in the forest. The walls creak and snap softly, as if moving whenever an unwitting adventurer turns his head to find his bearings. Vines as thick as a grown man’s arm twist together to shape the trail running between, nearly ten feet high and covered with row upon row of sharp, pointed thorns.

It is said that many souls wander in, never to come out again. There’s more than the ever changing paths that trap travelers inside.

Some have noticed markers, stone tablets carved with the sun and moon to help determine what path you might be traveling on. Which path is the right one, however, is a mystery.

A dark musk seems to permeate from the ground, recalling the earth after a heavy rain, or something freshly buried away in the night. Howls cut through the air, coaxing up the hairs on the back of your neck.

Within the maze, there are little rooms, each with their own twisted set of rules that some deranged gardener grew years ago in the back of his thoughts. Little stages, some carpeted with moss, others woven with clever canopies. The little pockets are endlessly found within.

The Tainted Topiary
A garden of thorned creatures, silent as a cold night in autumn. The path is so over grown with spiked monstrosities that passage is barred, save for the most careful and clever of travelers. It is said that a mighty troll once tried to pass by using his great strength to throw a companion across. I hear it did not bode well for his acquaintance.

The Watchers Hall
Two rows of paintings can be found with gilded frames, bleeding from gaping holes that used to be eyes. What monsters took such careful time and precession to render them blind? The fine men and women sit stiffly in their painted chairs and poses, crying ichor for tears.

The Quiet Rooms
Of these, there are said to be many. Little patterns and obsessions requiring prices to be paid. Rooms with stone tables. Displayed mantles in the hedge. Broken vases, sorted fruits, little obsessions….

The Great Gate
At the end of the maze is said to be a large gate, leading somewhere…new. Only labor and hard work will allow a traveler to arrive to the gates…

The Maze of Compulsions

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